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It worked to begin with and then after a while it was as if it had no effect on me, that's just my personal experience though. I hope it works for you

Thank you. Sorry it stopped working for you x

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I was on the haloperidol for over a year and it made me sleep a lot the whole time I was on it

Oh dear! I guess it’s worth it if it works though. I’d rather be asleep than dealing with voices and not being able to sleep.

I think the Haloparidol is helping with the voices. But the sedation is awful. i FEEL LIKE I did when I was on quetiapine. I’m on split dose morning and night. 

Anyone been on 10mg and know how long the sedation lasts for?

Struggling win dissociation. I think I, getting on staffs nerves. I keep trying to leave. I don’t mean to. I’m just scared,

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Oh you poor thing. That's far too tiny. I know it's hard to break through the thoughts especially when you have other things going on too but keep trying your hardest. Losing weight won't help solve the problems you face. I see your IP, can you ask staff to support you. Take good care love.

Thank you
I know it won’t solve any problems and I am trying my best I promise.
I feel so out of control with it that I don’t know what to do. I’m eating as much as I can manage but I know it’s not enough. It’s a combination of being scared of weight gain, voices and visual hallucinations making my food look disgusting, as well as depression and general lack of appetitie.

The staff help as m uch as they can. I talk to them about it and they encourage me to eat and such. But it’s not an ED ward so what they can do is limited.

Thank you for such a lovely message x

forgothowtowrite replied to your post“That’s not too low”
WHAT?! That’s ridiculously low! What are they on about? That’s so far below underweight and even the anorexia criteria you’re normally on bed rest at that point! ASSHOLE ANON
eloiseonthewater replied to your post“That’s not too low”
fuck off anon FUCK FUCK FUCK OFF! That is very underweight why are you being such an EVIL FUCKER and saying this to someone who is IN HOSPITAL!
thanks guys. i pretty much am on bed rest. I’m IP and don’t get to walk or do a lot 
I just needed someone to tell me it was fine to not lose more weight. But this anon did not help. i want validation. i am attention seeking. bitch 
And a woman on the ward said I was anorexic and this other guy said I didn’t look it. So that triggered me. 
Generally feeling poo about my body and shape right now. 
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That's not too low

Thanks… Just the validation I was looking for.

I hope you understand sarcasm.

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What's your bmi if you're struggling so much? Is it even that low or are you just saying you're struggling.

Weight does not define how much someone struggles.
TW numbers

Read more doesn’t work so don’t look down I just want validation, attention seeking bitch


I kind of want to answer to get some validation that it’s low enough and I don’t need to lose more. But that’s attention seeking and stupid.

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Sorry you're struggling with food. What's your bmi?

I’ve received a lot of these, though most just ask my weight not make kind comments like you.

I don’t know if I should answer. I don’t want to trigger anyone.


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Does Jenna still have Tumblr?

She still has it but doesn’t use it.

Fucked up.
Tied a ligature,
A and e
One to one obs.
Ruined my girlfriends birthday.
Horrid evil bitch
Just die.
Just let me die

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Y are you in hospital? I hope u are ok xoxoxo

Because I can’t cope anymore.

I dissociated and took an overdose trying to poison the evil out of myself. It didn’t work, it’s still there bubbling and brewing and I’m scared I’m going to hurt someone or myself badly.

The visions are getting more graphic. His words are clearer. The dissociation is bad. I can’t be trusted by myself.

I don’t want to die but I don’t want to live like this. I feel death is my only way out but I’m desperately trying to find another way.

I’m losing sense of time and space. I don’t know where I am or when it is or why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m existing in fear, constantly on edge.

There are people a lot sicker than me so I feel bad for taking up a bed, but it’s that or die. So I guess I don’t re ally have any other options. I feel like I’m not sick enough to deserve help though. There’s too much evil inside me.