going to go dry hair.

unsure if should take prn or just hope for the best.

Your spine and your ribs were the skeleton of a ship of built for
wandering. I will never figure out how they get ships in bottles

and I will never figure out how a mother can give birth to an idea so
complex. I know that you hear an incessant buzzing in your chest that

whispers, “You’ll never be a success” every time your heart beats.
But love, I am writing this because you are not a shipwreck

or a broken bottle. You are your own masterpiece. You are a ship
that can navigate itself past icebergs and shallower depths.

And if you can’t remember anything else, remember this:
as long as you keep your head above water,

you are a success.

1:37 p.m. (I would turn the world into liquid just to watch you navigate it)

(Source: expresswithsilence)